Pennsylvania Colonies of Note or Historical Colonies (& Misc. Colonies)

Ken Kostka
American Swallow Conservancy


Brookville, PA  1970-ish; This colony was right on the main street of the town in a very urbanized area  (although the town was located in a rather rural setting). I travelled to Brookville in 1980 after the house had been removed. From what I could gather, there was a dentist on the street near the house who complained that the birds were causing too many droppings on his office’s plate glass front window and lobbied the town council to remove it. Not sure how true that is.


East Brady  When I travelled to East Brady in early 1980’s, there was only one pair of martins nesting in only 1 house in the town! Not sure if this is the Campbell house. The article is from about the 1970 time period.


to be continued…..